Just a rant... ugh!

So here in america the president has shut down the government.... I'm not going to go into detail because I really don't like it and it gives me anxiety watching how he is handling things... Yes you guessed it right... I don't like our president. But since I didn't vote I really have no right to complain much. The thing that bothers me right now is the shutdown's effect on the Federal Corrections Officers around the united states.... Especially since my husband is one of them! He has been working for no pay guarding criminals that would love to kill him if they just got the chance... And while he is stuck doing this we are in danger of losing our home, we have to seek help from the state for food, and it's not like he can just go get another job till the shutdown is over because he still has to report to the prison for his shifts because he is considered essential personnel.

So if he is so essential then they should pay him! I think that it should be done like this... Just like congress representatives, any essential personnel should still be payed in the event of a government shut down! These are the people we are asking to risk their lives... Hell even the secret service probably isn't getting payed... What would happen if one of them decides to work less diligently because they are doing it for free... They are still working so they won't get in to trouble but are they really gonna dive in front of a gun so willingly to protect the president when they are hungry and their family may end up on the street because of the same person they have to keep safe?

Lets be serious... You all know the answer to that is hell no they wouldn't be so willing... But... They would if hey had to.... Because that is their job!

Pay the people that are essential... not to hard... but seems impossible for them to realize this.

Anyhow... Thanx everyone for letting me vent... I know this isn't the usual post you get from me... I'll have the review out in a little bit so please just sit tight and wait for it!

As always... Thanx for reading my post @}>~~~',~~~~~~~

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