New idea!!!

I was thinking of something I could do every week instead of just random posts... And... I have come up with doing a "SPOTLIGHT" review of an Anime and another of a Manga... Here is how it will work...

They will alternate weeks... They won't always be ones I like but I figure it will give people an opinion of them... I'll keep negative feedback to a minimum by just telling people about them with a small ending section about if it's one I would watch or read again or if I regretted doing so...

I'll work out a rating or point system for them too... And post a link to the first episode or chapter I know of that is on a secure virus free site I trust. This way it will be easy to check out the one I have just told you about.

Now I know you wanna start reading or watching them right now but I need to review one first... Sooo... They will start being posted on the first Wednesday of October and then there will be one every week from that point on. I'm thinking I'll start with an Anime...

Hope you enjoy what I have to say about them!

Oh ya.. Just a thought... In each one's comment section please leave me a comment with an Anime or Manga you would like me to review. It may end up being the next weeks review!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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