Schedule Change...(Combo)


Monday I brought up the idea of posting a post on the same topic every Monday... 
And the topic was...


I asked around on my Facebook Twitter and google+ accounts about this and the response was positive! Looks like Monday is now going to be showcasing a random video I find over the weekend from one of our YouTube family members!

I will probably use Tuesday to announce any new members to our YouTube family or new authors and some Thursday posts will be guest posts... Tuesday and Thursday will be random posts from me if I don't have a new member to announce or a guest bloggers' post to put up.

Lastly... The last Thursday of every month will be a post containing a link to all the reviews done for a previous month... However I'm not sure when this will start. It hasn't really been long enough from when I started doing the reviews to have a review of the reviews...

Now say that 10 times fast! hehe

Well.... That's all the updates about my blog... for now anyway!

As always.. Thanx for reading this post!

Have a great day!!!!!


It has been confirmed!

We have our first guest author!!!

At the beginning of the month I posted this blog...

As of last night I figured out most of the stuff I brought up in that post!

This means a few things for the blog... And for me... The first thing is that for at least one post out of the month I get to have the fun of reading it right along with you... And the second thing is I'm going to have to start signing my posts so you know I was the one who wrote it!

This is the first post I will sign!!!

As for how things will work with our new author... To start her off I am going to give her a few ideas but she can pick what and how she wants to write about those ideas. As she gets more comfortable with writing she will have free range of anything to write  about! I'm gonna assign the days to publish the articles on but other than that she is free to write however her mood takes her! This way I can let you all know when to look for her posts!

So now
Everyone please welcome

I can't wait for you to see what she writes about first!

As a side note.... I have never done the guest author thing before so we will probably blunder quite a bit as we get used to it. I hope you are looking forward to seeing her first post at the end of December!

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding as we figure this out!

And... As always... Thanx for reading this post!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

@>~~Mistique Robin~~~

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