The Hard Truth... Nontraditional Jobs...

I was looking at Texan in Tokyo's blog the other day and I read a post that really hit home with me. I didn't think to much on it at first but the more I do think about it the more I agree with her.

In her article she writes about Jobs that are considered Nontraditional... like being a YouTube personality or a Blogger. She tells about how she has to prove it's a real job!

Here is a link to the article if you want to read it...

Yup... Prove it or I don't believe it seems to be the theme to people's attitude toward all the nontraditional jobs out there. I don't actually make any money off this blog as of right now but that may change at some point... After all I am just starting out in this path. Its sad to think I may have to do the very same thing she had to. 

I can't imagine how many times Texan in Tokyo had to do this for both her Blog and her YouTube Channel... Or for that matter... How many times did Sharla in Japan or Rachel & Jun have to do this that they just haven't told us about???

Why should people have to prove their job is a real job to anyone anyway?!?!?

I mean.. Lets Think about this... Look at a Vlogger or Blogger... 

Even though they don't go to a building and sit at a desk they do sit at a desk to write or edit videos... sometimes for longer hours than a traditional job since they do it all themselves!

A movie production takes the same jobs and uses a craptastic amount of people but since it is visible to the world no one thinks anything of it... 

The bloggers sits and writes articles like a reporter or script writer... and the Vlogger shoots short movies.. Just because it's not in a theater or being seen by some producer and turned into a movie... That doesn't make it any easier to figure out what to write about or what to film. 

In fact... It makes it harder... They have to make a small number of people... Their followers... HAPPY.... Do you have any idea how hard it is to figure out what a small group of people would like to read about or watch?!?!?! 

Yup it's JUST like that!!! Like you want to kill someone!!!

So I guess this rant is almost over... I'll end it with asking you all a favor... 

Please,,, If you hear someone you know say the dreaded words "That isn't a real job"... can you tell them maybe they should find out what goes into the job they think isn't real. It may turn out to be a harder job than they ever expected and I know the person who is being told they don't have a real job will really appreciate it! If it was me I would!!!

I'll end here lol... Thanx for reading this post even though it isn't what I traditionally write about!

Have a great day!!!

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