Uh-Oh I don't have time to post... what do I do?!?!?!

This is not a topic most people ever think about...However... When you are someone who does this for a living it's a safe bet that you have thought about this at least once during your career! 

Unless you run a SUPER busy life it isn't too hard to sit down and write a blog post... Most of the time. Lets be real though.... Life happens and we can't always sit and write out even a short post! There are two options to deal with this that I can think of...

1) Have draft posts ready to be put up to fill in gaps at a moments notice..
2) Schedule posts ahead of time..

Lets look at the Pro/Con list one at a time for each of these and figure out just how good they are!

Option 1: Pre-Draft Writting


There are a few posts ready at all times to chose from for any given day when you need a quick post.

You can write or Vlog about anything even if you don't want to post it just yet.

After a long day you don't have to sit and write or frantically edit a video to have a post of something ready for the next day. (This is really helpful for Vlogs or videos I'd bet!)

You can take your time Editing to make sure it is just the way you want it!!!

It's a great option if your "Life Happens" is only going to last for a short time... Especially if you only post a few things in a week.

If "Random Content" best describes you Blog or Vlog then it is perfect!


You have to spend time to figure out which draft you want to post.

You may end up with a lot of posts about random things you don't know if you ever really want to post. (Hay they seemed like great ideas when you make/wrote them)

You are not always able to get on the internet to make sure you hit "Publish" at the right time of day. This is really bad if your Blog or Vlog goes out at the same time every time! (For example... mine goes out at 8:30am EST every weekday)

If you wrote about something that was mentioned in the Draft you are about to post you have to make sure you haven't contradicted yourself! (This can take as much time as just writing a post!!!)

Posting too many days of random stuff can get confusing... What if you have things that you post about every week... If your "Life Happens" lasts past that day are you going to have a draft of that topic to post on the right day??? (Think of the people who come on just for that weekly post!!!)

Option 2: Scheduling Your Posts


After a long day you don't have to sit and write or frantically edit a video to have a post of something ready for the next day. (This is really helpful for Vlogs or videos I'd bet!)

You can take your time Editing to make sure it is just the way you want it!!!

You can schedule days worth of posts to free up time for a more time consuming project by already having the post for the days you need all set to go out! Maybe you have to travel for the footage you need for that crazy Video or Vlog. Or you might have to read, watch, eat or test out something before you can review it! This option is perfect for those things!

The worst can happen in anyone's life... What if it takes a very long time for you to get back on your feet??? No problem cause you can schedule as many posts ahead of time as you need to!

Having Vacation from Blogging, Blogging, or posting any type of video or article is a real possibility! Going out of the country??? No big deal... Just set up the schedule so that your posts go out on time for the days you're gone!  Then just pick up where you left off when your back!

You can use random topics for your post and arrange the release so they make sense!

If you Posts go out really early in the day and you have scheduled any amount of posts already you don't have to worry about oversleeping!!! Your posts are already out when you open your eyes and see it's an hour past the time they go out!!!


You have to think up more than one topic at a time to schedule the posts you need! This could be as few as 1 but as many as 31 in any given month depending on how often your posts go out!!! 

Scheduling posts can make for one or more LONG days! If you already have a long day from editing Video footage then this can turn into weeks of preparation to be able to schedule the posts you need! If you do both Videos and writing posts then it can be a LOT of work!

Scheduling posts isn't always perfect... Sometimes the Host messes up and your post doesn't go out on time. This can be a real problem if you don't have internet to check on them. 

Your host messing up can also mean writing a "Sorry it's late" message at the beginning of a post if you had told people ahead of time that this specific post would go out at a specific time.

These are the Pro's and Con's I could think of right now... I'm sure there are more.

As you can see both options are good and bad... I personally use a combination of them as well as just posting things I write in the morning before the dreaded "School Run" where I become a headless chicken trying to get my three kids to school on time!

If I had something scheduled on a day where I am posting what I write in the morning, it's easy to cancel the scheduled post. I just change the scheduled day. Or I might just post more than one thing in a day... Though that doesn't happen often.

Well that's all for now! Let me know what you thought of this post and if you want to see more like this int he comments section!

As always... Thanx for reading this post!!!

Have a great day!!!

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