Invisible Illnesses... You don't see it all....

Today I though I'd do away with the fun topics and talk about something important to me... Invisible illnesses.

When people hear invisible illness they think of things like early stage cancer or asthma... But those aren't really invisible are they. There are signs... Though they are hard to spot it's true. 

When I hear invisible illness... I think of the things that don't have signs you can spot easy... The ones that may never have symptoms that are easy to spot... Like Fibromyalgia, PTSD, or Lupus...

I suffer from Fibromyalgia so I understand first hand just how invisible it can be. I know I could give in and show just how I feel but that would change my quality of life... Even so it hurts when people don't understand...

Picture this... Life became complicated... I might make plans to do stuff but then the day comes and I can't manage to hide how I feel anymore... When I say I'm to worn out... People look at me and think "why?" and I can't explain it because they have never felt it.

When my children run up for hugs and it feels like every inch of skin they are putting pressure on is being stabbed by millions of needles I hide the pain... I smile and hug them back but inside I'm crying. It hurts!

Some days it hurts to get out of bed.. to do simple things people don't even realize take effort can be so hard for me... And because I don't look disabled people think I am "Playing it up"... If I could give go back to a normal life I would!

So the reason for this rant is simple... I want you to think twice before you tell someone to stop pretending they are not ok... or to think about how someone might be hiding how awful they really feel so that you don't look down on them. Think and then maybe just maybe offer help or do something less intense so they can still hang out with you.

Invisible illnesses take a HUGE toll on the person with them... and they need all the help they can get even if they don't seem like they do.

Ok... seriousness over... Thanx for taking the time to read this post... 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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