A little crazy...

I know the title is not very descriptive... But that's ok!

It's about me.. I've gone a little crazy lately! I'm currently putting the book I'm writing on hold for a bit... I am finding that I have a bad case of writers block... It concerns writing a conversation from three point of views, complete with inner thoughts, all witnessing the same conversation, at the same time, and I have to write this without saying the same things over and over again!

My mind is breaking trying to figure it out... Soooo... Rather than kill myself with it I'm taking a break! To fill the time I am reading a light novel in Japanese... I, however, am not good at reading Kanji! This makes it a bit crazy to read a whole book filled with kanji... At least it does when you are doing this specifically to stop working your brain so hard!

I'm hopeless lol

Does anyone know a good way to look up Kanji fast and easily??

This craziness is at least a lot of fun though! Don't worry... I won't be stopping my posts...
I hope you will continue to enjoy reading them!

And..... On that note I'm going to end this post here.

As always... Thanx for reading what I wrote!!!

Have an amazingly awesome day today min'na-san!

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