Questions & Info For You!!!


What do you all think so far of the topics I have chosen to write about? If there is a topic you want to know more about??? Let me know so maybe I can find info or cool videos on it! I'm open to ideas about blogging topics though I may or may not use them. 

Who knows you may just spark my "want to know" button!

I LOVE learning new things so it's possible! 


I will be missing out on writing blogs for you around the 27th of this month due to an upcoming operation I'm going to have... Not that I want to but I need to. I'll try and schedule some posts to come out but with how unreliable this host has been I don't know if they will actually come out on time. Though the scheduling hasn't been the issue I never know if it will stop working.

Keep me in your thoughts on the 27th until you hear from me that it all went well... no operation is ever completely safe so I would appreciate all your thoughts and prayers that nothing goes wrong!

Thanx in advance!!!

Have a great day!!!!

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