Spotlight Review Wednesday:Anime 10~21~2015

Spotlight Review

Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy, an elite school located in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama district. At Fleurir, she finds herself surrounded by charming boys, each one distinctly unique. Out of the entire class, Ryou Kouzuki's desire to become a pastry chef is the strongest. Blessed with unparalleled technique, instructor Mitsuki Aoi acts like a prince and is hugely popular at the school. Gilbert Hanafusa, the mood maker of the bunch, is a student from France. Yoshinosuke Suzumi is not very good at expressing his feelings, but underneath his stony exterior lies a wholehearted passion for wagashi (Japanese sweets).

As Sayuri pours her heart and soul into making her dream a reality, she encounters many happenings...

Now for my review!!!

The original story follows Sayuri Haruno, a girl who attends an elite confectionery school Fleurir on a scholarship to follow her dream to open a pastry shop. There she meets several charming young men.

Yup that's them!!! They don't give you much to go on do they?!?!

That's ok cause it's my job to tell you more!!! Now to watch!!!
So I was really surprised by this Anime... The episode list is quite long... Here is a link to their page for this show...

See what I mean? 24 episodes of fun packed days learning the art of being a Pastry chef!! But wait for it... there is a twist to this... each episode is sooooo short!!!! Yup,,, That's right... we get a huge list but it equals less watching time than all the other Anime I have ever seen!!! It goes farther than just being shorter though... The entire series is shorter than an hour!!!

This series is perfect for you if you want a quick Anime fix before going out to meet friends or off to work. However, if your looking for something a bit more satisfying you might not want to watch it.

Now for the plot!

Yes Young Sayuri is trying to learn to be a pastry chef but that isn't all there is to it! These young men all seem to hint at liking her!

Three of them are actually her teachers though so it is a bit complicated lol. She does Chose one of them... But... I'm not telling you who! Since I haven't read the manga (I don't even know for sure if there is one for this Anime) I couldn't tell you if there is more to the story than is shown in these episodes. You should leave me a comment if you want me to figure this out!

Now to rate it!!!
On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must see" rating I give this...

The reason I only gave it a 5 was because although the story was well thought out and shown really well... The episodes were just to short to be satisfying to me.

That being said... I still must say its a "Recommend" from me because you might be looking for short and sweet while I just wasn't.

That's all for this Anime review! Don't forget to leave me a comment with what Anime or Manga you would like to see me rate...

The next one I rate is going to be a Manga.

I hope you enjoyed this rating! Have a great day!!!

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