Rice and Chopsticks: My findings...

Rice and Chopsticks!!!
(My findings... They could be totally wrong though!)

Ya I know it's a weird way to start a post... Let me explain!
A friend asked me a question about eating rice with chopsticks... She wanted to know if there was a special type of rice used when you wanted to use chopsticks instead of a fork or spoon. She has tried to make rice that she could use chopsticks with but said it falls or isn't "Sticky" enough to pick up with the chopsticks.

So here is what I found when I went looking..

I have looked up all kinds of info to see if there was any one type of rice used... The thing is that I have seen that people use all kinds of rice...Even long grain white rice! The consistency of the rice after cooking it is the key... From what I've read that is changed by how you cook it!
There is no one special kind of rice used!

You have to experiment with the type of rice you use and cook it so that it is a little sticky. This way you can easily pick up the rice. Most of the time it just means using a little less water than what is recommended. If you find it is too sticky you can add a little water and that should make it better.

I am by no means a great cook... And I also have trouble getting my rice to be the right consistency for chopsticks... However I will keep trying! Someday I will get it right lol.

When the rice is done right it should be able to be picked up like in this picture!

If you are not good at using chopsticks then eating rice will be difficult even if it is made right... I would recommend using a special type of chopsticks... they look like these two pictures...

They are children's chopsticks but they do come in adult sizes. Here is a set made for an adult...

Not too different from the kids ones just bigger as far as I can tell. I have never used the learner chopsticks so I can't say how easy they are to use or not... Though I will be buying a few pairs to help my children learn to use them. I'll let you know how they work when I can... But for now we will need to believe that they help!

As for manners when using chopsticks... There are a lot of things out there that teach you the proper do and don't rules. Just do a quick google search and you will turn up a LOT of helpful sites!

I hope this brought you some good information (Though I know I am no expert).

As always... Thanx for reading my posts!

Have a great day!!!

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