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This weekend I watched a video by Einshine that talked about google translate... OMG so funny! If you get the time you should go check it out! I would link it but I haven't been given permission as of yet to link to his videos and well we all know I'm crazy when it comes to that!

I have to have permission!!!

Anyhow... This video got me thinking... lets have a little fun!

I'm going to check out just how dumb google translate can be!!! I am going to write a sentence or phrase in English and have google translate it... Then take the translation and translate it back to English... I am going to do this a total of 11 times so we get the answer in English again... And I'll share the start and end sentences with you all.

Don't get me wrong... I use translate for single words and figure out how to put the sentences together myself or I ask my pen-pal for help with the composition. Translate is a good tool... If you use it the right way! If not... You sound like these...

Where should we go shopping
If I do not need to go shopping

She sells seashells by the sea shore
(this one came out right each time when translating it back into English so dunno if it was wrong in Japanese) 彼女は海の海岸によって貝殻を販売 (I don't know kanji very well sooooo I can't say if it is wrong or right... Sorry!)

The next one is part of a kids song so I'm going to put each English translation (5 total)

Mares eat oats and goats eat oats and little lambs eat ivy
1: Mare, oats and goats, a little lamb to eat the oats eat ivy
2: Mare, a little lamb to eat oats and goats, the ivy oats is
3: Mare, lamb to eat oats and goats is the ivy of oats
4: Mare, lamb, and eat oats and goats, is the ivy of oats
5: Mare, lamb, eat the oats and goats, is the ivy of oats

As you can see the last one is the best example... Adding punctuation seems to help a little.

Well... That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed this post!

As always... Thanx for reading!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

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