Random Randomness...

When you have to ascend into the clouds to return home it makes you kinda feel like an angel...

That being said we can now move onto the post... Hello everyone...

Today we are going to be random lol...

Moving Thoughts

I don't know if I ever told y'all about my moving history... We lived in Massachusetts for a long time until in the beginning of 2014 we packed up and moved to Texas...(Yes I picked up some of the habits of speaking like a southerner)... And then we moved back to New England on August 28th 2015 (Yup this year)... Didn't spend too much time there but it's all good!

The snow is something we haven't seen in a while... About a year and a half to be precise!

My girls are looking forward to it sooooo much! Me... Not so much lol. I have to admit I miss the heat and I don't really like the cold because it causes me pain... But... I do want to see them play in the snow while they're still young and I'm looking forward to getting pictures of them sledding for the first time too!!!! So it is worth it for me to be in pain for a little while.

All this moving brings to my mind people... You know... Those ones who were all "I miss you" while you are away but when you're near them it's like you don't exist... Those people... I started thinking about them... And I realized something... There are a lot of them in the world!!!

No I'm not naming names!!! They know who they are... But... I also know sometimes there are good reasons for being like this and it doesn't bother me anymore.

That's it for that... 

NEXT!!! Scheduling!!!

So I am going to have this schedule pic for my blog posts and when I change something then I will re-post the schedule pic! soooo much easier!!!

Each box has a name of First through Fifth... Each month has the potential of having up to 5 of something in a month so I thought it would be better to plan out things by that method. 

So for example... this month has a few "Fifth" days in it... December 29th, 30th, and 31's are the fifth Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the month.... So the things listed in the Fifth's row are what will be put on the blog that day... 

The exception Is if I've put it in the "Last" category. Those things will be put up on the last day of the month no matter if it is the Fourth or the Fifth time that day comes in the month. Since this month has 5 Thursdays the Fifth Thursday will be the "Guest Post" since it is posted the Last Thursday of the month but next month the "Guest Post" will be on the Fourth Thursday. 

This also means things like my "Random Japanese" post will not happen every month since there are not 5 Tuesdays in every month. 

Once you get the hang of reading the boxes as positions in the month and not days of the month it will get easier to look up what is going to be posted that day. I'm making the Pic still so I'm not adding it to this yet... maybe next week. Sorry!

OK... So that is all for today! Hope you enjoyed the randomness!

Have a great day!!!

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