Work, Study, Play

For those of you who really know me... You can probably guess how much this post is a part of who I am... But it is also a part of you too!

We all do these things.. Maybe not all of them but we do at least one of them. For most that one thing is Work.... Lots of hours of work!

There are lots of jobs out there... Some of them are odd, some not so much. Some Let us live the good life and some bring in no money at all (thank you to all those mama's and papa's out there)!

Lets look at my life as an example...

My job is: Mama, Writer (First book in the making), and Blogger.

You would think my plate was full with that lol... But wait! There is more!

I also study! I study Photography at NYIP also known as New York Institute of Photography. On top of that I study Japanese (Self study, not in a school) and practice by writing to my pen pal in Japan.

As for the last one... I do play. I play EverQuest II and The Sims 3. I also play Skyrim and Minecraft. But the biggest thing I do when I play... Is play games with my kids. It may be part of my job as their mama but it can be considered play since I have fun too!

Now I'm sure you're wondering why this post is about these things and why I used me as an example...

Well... I used me as an example because I know me best! The reason behind this post is because too many people think that if you don't have a traditional 9-5 type job you don't work... That all you do is play. 

I got asked a few days ago (Over Thanksgiving) what I did for work and when I said that I'm a Mama, Writer, and Blogger I was... Yet again... Told that only one of those was a real Job.

I was first told Mama wasn't a job... You should watch this and see if it changes your mind if you feel that it's not a real job too...

This may be an add but it is very true... When you stop and think about it this is what all mothers do! And although this commercial doesn't mention it... There are dads out there that do the same thing! So lets not forget about them k!

As for Blogging... I was told it is just a hobby. I don't get payed for my blog... But I treat it like a job so it is a job. I write 5 days a week and it isn't easy to come up with things to write that people will want to read! I sometimes spend HOURS looking for topics. I work harder on Blogging than I did when I worked as a maid or even when I worked as the pesticide tech at a big company! 

Blogging can be easy at times and yes it can be just a hobby. But if someone tells you it's their Job you really should think about it before you dismiss it as a hobby

The point is that you shouldn't tell people that their job is not a job just because you don't think of it as a job. It could be that doing these things makes them feel like they are working when they can't work (there are many reasons people can't work after all) a traditional job. 
Or it could be they just like to do this better than a traditional job.

Whatever the reason please think before you deny their opinion of what their job is. They would know better than you if it is a job or not for them.

Ok... Sorry for the rant! Thanx for taking the time to read this through to the end!!!

Have a great day and don't forget the Anime Review is tomorrow! 

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