Seeing the world...

Seeing the world through rose colored glasses or through a cloud of fog... Viewing friendships as special or as something that is just a part of life... Dealing with anger and sadness VS. happiness and joy... The world around us is a mysterious place and how we deal with it varies from person to  person. Here are some examples of how I deal with the world and people around me...

I have to be the biggest wimp when it comes to getting people I care about mad at me.

I mean it!!! I just can't handle it!

I don't like conflict in any way... For me, when someone is mad at me, I get such bad anxiety! It doesn't matter if you are a friend I have known for a long time or someone I barely talk to... Even someone I have just met or talked to a few time can cause this if they are an important person to me. And not talking to me is just as bad as yelling at me.

Yes I know this sounds a bit crazy... And there are times I think it's crazy too... The plus side of this is that if I don't know you or you're not important to me, then you can say or do almost anything and it won't phase me at all.  Friendships and Family are extremity important to me!

I live by the theory that to be happy I need to keep the negativity to a minimum!

This goes for anger and sadness too... I know I will get angry and people will get angry with me... It's a part of life and so to deal with it I will usually try to figure out the cause of the anger and fix or explain it as best I can to try to get rid of the anger. I always apologize when I've made people sad... And if someone has made me sad I try to explain why I'm sad the best I can.

I feel like it's better this way... That if I do these things it will be ok. Everything has the potential to be vibrant and bright! If it becomes gloomy then I feel there is always a way to fix it.

I guess this means I see the world through rose colored glasses... 

It's like looking through an eye that sees the world one way when everyone else looks through normal eyes! If I could show you a picture then this would be what my eyes are like...

The eternal optimist

This is such a cool pic too lol.... And a lot of people see through eyes like this...

Then there is the other end of the spectrum too... They see through eyes like this...

The Eternal Pessimist

I fit under the first eye because I feel I see things differently but I'm ok with that... And I know I feel emotions too deeply sometimes... But I'd Rather be like this and have no true enemies than have hate or aggravation cloud my life and make me miserable! After all who really ever wants to be miserable?!?!?!

So now I have a question for you... How do you see the world??? Which eyes best fits you???

I'll end this post here since I really want to know your answers... 
Leave them in the comment section for this post if you want to share!

As always... Thanx for reading what I've written!

Have an amazing day!!!

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