Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 12~23~2015

Spotlight Review

Diabolik Lovers



Yui Komori used to see dead people. But as troubling as past glimpses of spirits, poltergeists, and psychic phenomena may have been, they pale into insignificance compared to what she's about to discover once she's forced to transfer to a new school. Because it turns out that her own history is very different from what she thought it was, and she has a very different kind of family waiting for her.

Now she'll be sharing her living space with six very attractive young men, though not a single one is human. And while her new dorm mates may be brothers, and their attraction to her involves her bloodline, "brotherly" is the last word to describe their intentions. In moving from her father's church to becoming the object of six blood lusting young vampires' affections, Yui will undergo the most shocking, soul ripping and draining experience any teenage girl could imagine in her wildest fantasies... or most salacious nightmares. 

Now for my review!!!

The Manga this week was read on Batoto and gave me quite a shock! I had to look up the whole thing on Wikipedia (link right to Diabolik Lovers page) to figure out what one came first... There are 5 listed on Batoto! I'm still not sure what came first though and I have to admit the site doesn't really mention a Manga... Just games and TV/Anime adaptions. So for the purpose of this review I have decided to use the Anthology....

Diabolik Lovers: Anthology

That is Batoto's link so you can find it easy!

Now that we have that out of the way.... Lets meet our main leading lady...

Hello there Yui!!! Isn't she cute!!! I am not sure if she has good or bad luck at this point... I didn't read every one of the Manga after all... And it gets confusing in them if she is happy or upset about the whole situation. All the Manga are ongoing (maybe only in translation??) and some are in a different language than one I know... So I had a hard time figuring it out. There are times she seems happy and times she seems like she wishes she didn't have to deal with all their crap.

Oh ya... By "their" I'm talking about the amazingly beautiful  Sakamaki Vampire Brothers she now lives with. (I found the last name somewhere... Maybe on the wiki but I don't remember)
Lets meet them shall we!

What hotties lol... But each is twisted in their own special way...
I guess that's the price of being a vampire!

Now to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-read" rating I give this...

This manga got such a low rating because each of the chapters was disconnected completely from the others... If it wasn't for the fact Yui was in them all I wouldn't have known they were connected!!!

Don't get me wrong... Each chapter was drawn and written out wonderfully but for me I'd like them to be a bit more connected even if the manga is just made from a game.

I'd still recommend it though... If you're looking for quick stories that is...

With that being said I'm going to end this here.

As always... Thanx for taking the time to read this!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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