Blank? Tricks? Foggy mind? Making no sense then read on!

OK... Here goes nothing....
Have you ever had a thought... An idea... An image... And the minute you decide to put them in motion they disappear? Ya that happens all the time to me! Kinda like the gears escaping the light-bulb! So fitting a picture right?!?!?

So it's not so bad when it is my art because I can just draw whatever until I remember what I wanted to draw or paint in the first place. But for the ideas I have about my book it isn't that easy to navigate. I sometimes sit there writing nonsense on a page hoping the idea will come back! However that can be a good thing too... Usually that nonsense ends up being a great idea in itself!

In the case of  my blog I sometimes end up writing posts that seem lacking because I will sit down with what I thought was an amazing idea and the moment my hand touches the keyboard my mind goes completely and utterly blank! It can be so infuriating! And then because I need to put something out I write about the first thing that comes to mind and publish it but I really don't like it...

This block is so maddening... In fact... It's what caused me to write this post in the first place... I sat down and then POOF there goes the idea! I guess this is the example of it being good though because this isn't a bad topic to cover on a post that was never meant to be!

I feel kind of like my normal methods of remembering are useless here... A list wouldn't even help this time... After all... I don't know how I would write down what I think of before it disappears when I can't even get a word written on paper before it's gone!!! 

Any suggestions on how to stop this oddity of my brain?

I'll listen to them all and try the ones I think may help lol... But ya... This post is unplanned so I'm sorry if it isn't up to par with what I usually write. Not that I think that is all that impressive... I'm no great blogger but I have fun doing this so I keep doing it... And besides... It doesn't matter if I'm not that great as long as one person likes what I write!

After all... That person or people who like my work are who I am making content for!

So to put it simply... I forget a lot of great ideas.. It happens all the time... Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad... But as long as someone likes what I have created I'm happy!
And this is where I'm ending this ranty type post!

As always... Thanx for reading what I share with you!
Have a memorable day!

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