Combo posts and opinions!

First topic!!

Kinda... I just have a quick question for you all! I want to know.... Would you rather see posts with one topic per day or posts that have a weeks worth of small snippets?

So here is what I was thinking so that you understand where this question is coming from!

In the winter I have a lot more trouble than in the summer being able to write posts on time... The same goes for my videos on YouTube... So I wanted to know if you would rather have the posts that are scheduled and permanent like the reviews stay how they are but on the days where there is nothing on my calendar I could skip posting but write a small snippet that will be posted at the end of the week.... All the snippets would be part of that post.

Soooooo.... What do you think?!?!?

Now onto the next topic!

I would like to get your opinion!

I need advice about what to put in my videos this winter... I hate to admit it but my life gets pretty boring during the winter. So here are some ideas I had...

Health talks
These can be about Reliv products I'm taking, exersises I still manage to do, foods I wanna try or I could talk about my illnesses that are making me late to publish... Things like that.

Popular topics
These could be talking about popular music, trending topics on twitter, make-up trends I have seen online, Anime or manga that are popular right now or YouTube videos I've seen that have lots of likes and why I think they are good or bad videos.

The last one is to poll twitter, facebook or a blog/vlog promotion page and see what people want to watch out of those topics

Ok now I'm out of time so I'm ending this post here!

As always... Thanx for reading my posts!
Have a fun-filled day!

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