Sims 3 talking with me!


Do any of you play this game??? I do... I have been a Sims player since the first ones! I still own all my copies too! It's been an extremely fun game for me since the beginning... So far the Sims 3 and the older Sims Online are my favorite.

I am quite reluctant to try out the sims 4 though.... I did the demo thing and I don't really like how they decided to get rid of the fact that you could run around the whole town like in the sims 3. I did like how it was easier to customize but still... It only goes so far when it comes to gameplay... Although since I haven't played it for long I can't say it isn't good.

I want to get all the achievements before I move onto another version!!!

I'm registered in the community already... Here is my page if you want to friend me!

So what are your favorite parts of playing the game? I already told you how I love the open town play... But that isn't the only thing I love... I love the schools and the traveling... Both in the current time as well as in the future!

I know there are still things I haven't discovered simply because it hasn't gotten boring!
I haven't really done much in Island Paradise yet either... I own it but I'm still trying to get some of the earlier achievements done so I haven't payed much attention to exploring there yet.

Have you found all the hidden islands??? What is the hardest achievement you have ever earned?? Are you aggravated that you missed a timed one? Those can be so pesky at times! I have missed some because I forgot to check the page to see when they were due by! Ugh I couldn't believe it when I figured it out! I am trying to figure out if you can still get them after they are past the time!

Does anyone know if that is possible???

 I think there are currently 3 that I missed... Possibly more... I really need to check on that! I am going to spend a day playing sims this week... Maybe I should make more time to play so I don't miss the new ones that come out!

I really want to talk to you all about this stuff... I hope it's possible! Also... what is your favorite Sims adventure you have had??? OK... OK.... I know it's time...
I'm going to end this post here... Since I'm not sure what else to say!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Have a simtastic Day!

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