Digital life..... what it is and how I got one!!!

What is a Digital life?

In my opinion a Digital Life is you on Facebook, Instagram, tumbler, Blogger, Twitter, or any of those social media things we all seem to have plugged onto our phones and tablets. I mean... Come on... Let's face it.... Everyone has a Digital Life now-a-days!

That is...
Unless you live in a cave or are just too young to plug in.

Some people have no problem handling the vast amount of social media that is out there... But me... Not so much anymore! It was easy when I only posted things when I wanted to... But if you put it in a different context here is what happens...

Starting from the moment you put a schedule to it you start to feel like it's a job... Good or bad doesn't matter... Want to or not doesn't matter... You have Blog post to get up or schedule... Maybe you even have a video to release. At first the only thing that changes is that you put things in a schedule. You still put the same type of tweets out or talk about the same things on your Facebook. Step one complete...

Then all of a sudden you need questions for a Q&A section so requests for questions need to go out on tweets and other media... You realize that trip or party you planned to go to might make a nice thing to Vlog or Blog...So a camera or your phone camera might be running a lot of the time... Or you might need to take notes or pictures of things you really want to mention so you don't forget.

Everything takes on a new light once you start a Blog or a YouTube channel!

It all becomes just as connected and intricate as your physical life. You gain people called Followers or Subscribers that want to see the things you share. You also get friends who may be other Bloggers, Vloggers, or YouTubers. There may be fights among you and other creators or writers but there might also be visits with people you get along with that you met because they create and write. Some people say it is much like High School and now I can see why.

I never really had to deal with this stuff much on my blog because I never tried to promote it. I figured if someone came across it and liked it they would stick around. I do get views on here but I don't really have followers... I don't know if the people who read these posts of mine ever come back... I have no idea if they like or dislike the things I share or write about because I don't get comments or feedback. Because of that I never really felt like my Blog brought me back to my High School days. And I'm ok with that... Someone out there looks at my blog each time I post something and even though I don't know if it is the same people I am ok because someone is interested even if only for a moment in time! Because of this way of thinking my Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook all stayed separated from my Blogs. 
Then I started a YouTube channel. Ya... That changed things a LOT!!!

 I'm still new to the YouTube scene so my media are not completely connected but slowly I'm finding I'm posting notices to Twitter or Facebook that my videos are coming up or are up already. Just today I posted the first notice to Instagram about my video series I'm creating.

I'm also starting to ask if people would be interesting in me doing specific types of videos for bonus "outside the series" extras. I have gotten a few ideas but I don't know how I'm going to pull them off yet. It's all part of the learning experience though so it's all good.

I'm going to end this Blog by saying...
Right now I'm enjoying posting both Vlogs and Blogs... That is the important part to me!

As always... Thanx for reading what I shared!
Have a happy digital day

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