So Much To Think About......

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you change one aspect of your life the rest of it seems to go all wonky???

This is what is happening with me at the moment! I have to figure this all out soon too or my YouTube career is over before it even starts!

Not that I'm doing it for the money... I really just like doing the videos so I do... But adding filming into an already packed schedule is not an easy task!

Ya i know... why not just video the things I'm doing on the packed schedule then? Because it's super boring!!! I do the same thing every day for the most part and It would be no good to put 50-million videos out where I do nothing but the same thing!

So there are going to be times where the videos are going to be talk time ones... Or they may follow me through a walk while I rant... And they could even be videos of fun things I do with my kids! I don't know how they will go yet... And if no one wants to watch them then that is cool with me... I have a purpose in doing them and it's not just for the YouTube viewers!

 Did you ever stop to think how this could be a new form of family history??? It's a video diary in a way... Your children would get to see parts of you that they miss or forgot about! not to mention seeing parts of themselves!

Instead of trying despratly to remember how you dressed or what you were like when they were little they can just watch your channel! And when you pass away those videos will be so important to them.

Not to mention that if your videos help others or are interesting to others them it is a double win!

And... If by some twist and the hand of fate allows you to make a lot of money YouTube has a way to give that money to one child. It's kind of like an insurance on insurance... But only if you make it big.

So I mean.... there are a lot of good points to doing these videos even though I don't always think about them... I'm sure there are even more than these but I can't really think of them right now!

Even though there are those great reasons... It doesn't mean life as you know it doesn't get all kinds of crazy! I mean think about it... The average person has to work, take care of kids and/or pets, and let's not forget most people have a social life that they aren't planning on recording! Add in hobbies other than making YouTube videos and it's amazing anyone really does this at all!

But that's the thing... We are always changing and evolving and managing to cram even more things into an already packed schedule... I'll adapt to having this craziness we call YouTube as part of my life's activities just as so many others have... And eventually I'm sure I wouldn't be able to imagine my life without it!

For now I'm going to keep learning and keep trying... And see where this wonky life of mine goes for here!

And with this wonderful not I think I will end the post here... I'll share more videos from our YouTube family again soon... Bur for now... I thought this would be good!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post!
Have a WONKY day!

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