My throwback... Poetry of yesteryear!

Randomly I will do blast from the past posts... And most of the time those are from our YouTube family but this post is a throwback to something I posted a long time ago that I had taken down because at the time I hated it... I don't really hate it though... I'm just not confident it is any good lol.

Time to put it to the test!!! I want you to grade this poem I wrote on 1-8-12!


Call home...

The leaves are blowing in the wind..
they fly from place to place.
traversing through the open sky...
seems like they're having a race.
each leave is a person..
destination's unknown..
but when they get there..
It's where they'll call home!


Sooooooo... What do you think??? I feel like it kind of describes every person at one point or another in their life… we are all like leaves blowing around in the wind looking for our “Home” and when we get there we are finally happy!

I used to think about life a lot... About where we would all end up and why we met people we met... Or how someone was good to have as part of my life when I was sure they weren't... Somehow it all worked out but who knows how it could have been.

OK... Enough with the deep talk now... It's time for the "Info for you" section!

I was looking back at a lot of the posts I had done (which is why I found the poem) and I realized my earlier ones were mostly really short! So I thought I should do a revamp...

One idea was to keep all the posts but maybe combine them... This way the new posts would be longer but still have the proper dates listed in the individual posts. I'd keep the longer posts as they are, but put the smaller ones together... All of this would be  put as one of the older posts just updated. 

Another idea was that I could combine the posts... Then those would be posted as "Throwbacks" once a month and the posts that are shared again would be deleted... In the throwback post I'd talk about the old post and what I think I was thinking at the time I wrote it. This could backfire so I'm not thinking it'll be the best idea.

The last idea was to leave them mostly as is since they show how I grew in my blogging skills... Maybe add an updated section to each post I change but would unchanged really be better than changed? Will that really fix anything?

I'm doing this because AdSense doesn't like something about my blog and I need them to approve the blog so I can remove it because they don't have any way to remove it from an application. I want AdSense for my YouTube but I screwed up the application and put my blog cause I didn't understand that my YouTube could be considered a webpage. YouTube is YouTube and since I see it mostly through an app on my iPad I didn't connect it until it was a bit too late. Oh well... Lesson learned and now I need to fix it lol.

Well I think this is enough for now... I'm gonna end it here!

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!
Have an amazing day!

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