One of those days....

There are a lot of days where I get up and I am in a ton of pain... This is one of those days...I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes wide spread pain... It has a lot of other symptoms but this is the one I am dealing with today. Ya this picture kind of explains things... It's like a HUGE lightning storm all 

over my skin. I haven't found a picture that explains things any better than this one does! At least not when it comes to the pain and how it would look if you could see it.

Imagine how you would feel waking up every day and wondering before you even open your eyes if your clothing is going to hurt today... That... That is my life!

Well... It's a part of it anyhow... Yet every day I fight through the pain and work to feel better about myself and my life!

And to do that... I do things that make me happy! I started doing YouTube and Blogging and Photography all because they make me happy and while I'm doing them I can forget the pain!

On that note... How many of you have looked at my Photography Blog? Probably not a lot of you... That's OK since I don't update it nearly as often as I do this one... I think I post a photo once in a blue moon... It's not that I don't have a ton of pictures to post though... It's that I'm too picky. =^P

But ya... Somehow we got sidetracked... The reason my Fibro is acting up and causing a lightning storm on my skin is because it is getting colder... You get extremely sensitive to heat, cold or both when you Have fibro... I got "lucky" and only am sensitive to cold. Now that it is fall the nights in the mountains drop to almost freezing though... So the next day I am stiff and in a ton of pain because of the change from freezing to semi warm. I swear that mother nature is having a Bi-Polar fit!

As you can see in the immage to the left it is really foggy... this is because the air is colder than the water... At least that is why I think it is... I never stuck my hand in the water to find out for sure  but maybe this year I will... On one of the days there is snow but no ice... Maybe... If that happens again that is. After all... You never know what mother nature has in store for ya!

This is one I took by the way... I know the watermark is distracting but it stops it from being stolen easily... Not that I think any of you would do that... But because I posted it here then it can be searched out on google and taken from there!

Not something I really want to deal with anytime soon. But as you can see it is getting cold here in the mountains... And with the cold comes my pain... So if you read this blog and watch my videos please forgive me for being a LOT less active in the cold!

I'm gonna end this blog here before it starts sounding like a complaining campaign...

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!
Have a peaceful day!

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