Possible change??? Check it out to see!

No the tittle isn't click-bait!!!

I may actually be making a change.... But I really want to know what you all think about it first. I have been writing a post a day for Monday through Friday for a bit over a year... Sometimes it's super easy... But sometimes it's not so easy. What I want to know is this...

How would you feel about my blog if I only guaranteed some of the posts and the rest were a surprise... Kind of like bonus posts.

I think that for the most part there would still be 5 posts a week but on the off chance that I couldn't think of something to write about on a day where it was blank on my calendar I wouldn't have to worry anymore. I wouldn't change the regular posts... The reviews, music or musing day, the throwbacks and my announcement posts would all still be there... Only the "Fill in the Blanks" posts might change occasionally.

So this...

(Monday is also "Musing madness Random Post" on the off chance I don't have a music I want to share with you all that day!)

Would all stay the same... But those empty boxes on Monday through Friday have the chance of not having a post. I will still let you all know I've posted a blog post through Twitter, Google + and Facebook so you don't have to waste your time looking to see if there is a post.... That is you won't have to if you follow me on any of those.... Then again if you follow me on Blogger then you don't have to worry about missing a post either!

Now that I have explained it the best I can I want to know what you think! Click a choice on the poll that the following link brings you to!

I can't wait to see what everyone has to say about it. I really do appreciate your opinions about the things I ask you all! I feel like I have grown my blog because you have all been amazing people.... You know who you are so I'm not naming names!!!

Right now the majority of the support I get are through other things... Like my Twitter or Facebook... But it makes me feel like there is a point to writing so I wanted you to know I am grateful for the support you give me every time I mention my Blog!

With that being said... I don't want to write less I just want to feel less stressed when I have no idea what to write because it's a Blank Box day... Like today! LOL

The difference is that today I knew what I wanted to write... But Thursday is going to be another Blank Box day... and I have nooooo idea what to write then! That is where I am running into problems.... But I don't want to have all the days filled because then the blog will become soooooo boring that even I will want to sleep while writing it... Forget about reading it!

If I get bored writing it then the quality goes down!

Ya.... Kinda like that!!!


So please take the poll and let me know what you think! You are my audience after all!
OK.... I'm ending this post here because it is getting late and tomorrow I start filming again!

As always... Thanx for reading what I shared!
Have a successful day!

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