Musing... Not Music... Madness Monday!

Lately I haven't really been listening to that many music tracks so it's kinda hard for me to do a music madness Monday post.  Because of that I was not really sure what I should post... Then I thought maybe just a rambling post would be fun.... Decisions decisions decisions....

It seemed like I had lots of options but no idea what would really be wanted by the people who read my blog...  So then it hits me...

I have started a new chapter in my life... I've become a YouTube creator... So why not talk a bit about all of that...

Again that was just an option though... Because I have so many things happening on that too... 

Life in general happens on there.... I film one week at a time and see where it leads... Then at the end of the week I cut and edit and do captions or narrations... This can take me FOREVER... But oh my goodness how fun it is!

It'd not like I have a whole lot to film or anything... And I'm pretty sure no one really wants to watch the videos other than my family... But it's fun making them so it really doesn't matter if no one sees them. I feel more like I am making them for me... Kind of like I did when I started this blog stuff... And now there are people all over who find my site.

It's mind blowing when that happens!!!

This blog wouldn't be any less fun even if no one ever looked at it... But it is nice to see that someone likes it other than me! I'm glad you enjoy it!  No one knows what the future will bring... What new chapters are waiting on the next page... Or who will walk into or out of their life the next day... But one thing I'm sure of is that I am happy with where I see my life going and who I see in it...

What more could I ask for?

And if there was one thing I could tell anyone reading this... One small piece of advice from a no one like me... I think you should be sure you are happy with where you are headed. And if you aren't then you should do what ever you have to in order to get where you will be happy.

Because being happy is what life is all about... Happy with you.. Happy with others... Happy with your choices... Just being Happy... And if you can do that... I'd say you're going in the right direction!

Well I think I have rambled a lot now... It's time to wrap it all up!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post! Sorry it wasn't music today!
Have a Happy day!

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