Story Time..... Part 2

Sneak Peek 2

Now Professor Black was very confused. Henry's cheeks were turning pink! It was thought to be impossible for an Ice Elf to blush like a human. 'Is this due to the potion too???' Her mouth dropped open a little. "Are you ok? Your turning pink. Are you getting sick?" She reached her hand out to feel his forehead but he reached up and stopped her. "I'm fine, just a little embarrassed." Henry let go of her hand and looked away. After composing himself Henry signed the letter and watched as it disappeared again. He got up and went to his desk to find something to pass the time since he was not sure what to say. Finding nothing he decided to try to start a casual conversation.

"I don't know if you can answer this yet or not but if you can I would greatly appreciate it." he started. after a few moments of thought he continued. "Why... why did you think I was sick?" He tipped his head slightly to the side as he always did when he really didn't understand something. 'He still has that habit I see.' Professor black thought. "It's because it is not something I have ever heard of happening. No one has ever documented an Ice Elf turning pink in the face for any reason. The humans call it blushing right?"

"Yes they do. Wait are you telling me we don't blush? If that is true then why do I?" Henry thought this must be part of the memories he wasn't allowed to remember. He also thought that it was a memory that no one would be upset she told him about. Before his sister could answer the paper lit up again and they got their response. Henry let his sister read the letter first. Then when he read it a slow smile crept across his face.

        Dear Mr. Hazelton,
                                   I can see that you're speaking the truth. It has been decided that 
                       you are indeed ready to know your past. Once you speak the following 
                       spell out loud you will remember everything. To prevent an eruption of 
                       power within you the spell will slowly release it over time. I hope this 
                       will not inconvenience your sister any. Best of luck. 

                                                                                                 Minister of Magic, 
                                                                                                                Marcus Dint

Once he read it the page lit up again but this time it wasn't blank. It was displaying the spell all alone. Because Henry didn't know if this would disappear after he read it he had Professor Black read it first. This way it wouldn't matter if he couldn't remember it correctly. She could help him. When she was done reading it she handed it back to him and said "It's not a spell I have ever heard of. Then again, this is not a normal situation either." and smiled reassuringly. Henry looked at the paper and decided now was as good a time as any. "I'm going to read it out loud now. Correct me if I'm doing it wrong please." he said with a nervous smile.

zemlan dalrith venmas

Henry slowly and clearly spoke the three words which promptly disappeared as he finished saying them. He waited to see if something was going to happen. "Did I do it wrong?" He said out loud to Professor Black. When she didn't answer he turned and looked at her. She was frozen in time with a look or pride on her face as she looked at him. 'ok, this is weird. What do I do now?' He stood up and put the paper on the desk. As soon as it left his hands he felt a sharp pain in his head. It was so strong it blinded him and he fell to the ground and screamed.

Professor Black Listened as her brother spoke his first spell in 22 years. She was so proud of him. Then in the blink of an eye he was gone from in front of her and was over by the desk screaming. 'Oh no, the room isn't soundproofed!' Quickly she unlocked the door to the study in case someone came running and she ran to her brother. It was a good thing she did that because as soon as she reached Henry's side the rest of the family burst through the door. In another blink of an eye everyone was yelling and asking what happened, was he ok, and Esme was trying to find out what his symptoms were to report to an ambulance. In all the chaos Professor Black managed to grab the paper off the desk and hide it in her pocket without anyone noticing.

Over the next hour Esme managed to get a basic outline of what had happened. After hearing it all she wanted Henry to see a doctor but he refused. 'I'm starting to remember things. If I go to a doctor they might screw it up!' was all he could think. In the end Esme got him up to bed and attributed the collapse to lack of sleep. Due to the days' events everything was put off for a day. Professor Black knew the girls would not be whole heartedly present when getting their supplies so there really was no point in going until Henry was better. That night dinner was eaten in silence and everyone went to bed early.

Morning came and it seemed everyone was up to greet the sun. That is, everyone except for Henry. While Esme was sitting by his side, everyone else came to join her.

"Mom..." Lieth wasn't sure what to say. "It's going to be ok..." Rosa chimed in. Esme smiled at them to reassure them even though she was very worried. Mia sighed. "I'm sure there is a reason for this. I'm also sure he will be ok. His color is better than it was yesterday. He no longer looks like a sheet and is almost back to his normal pale complexion." She walked over and took her father's other hand and sat on the edge of the bed. Professor Black stood back from them and watched silently. 'They really do love him. I don't think love looks like this when it's between two Ice Elves.' She was fascinated.

Just then she noticed sparks coming from Mia's hand and going into Henry's. Not the kind that would hurt but more like she was trying to summon him into consciousness. Almost as if her realizing this gave the sparks true power Henry opened his eyes slowly. "Dad!!" Mia cried as she jumped up and hugged him. Esme opened her eyes and you could see tears welling up as she asked "How are you feeling darling? Do you know where you are?"

Henry looked around. "I'm in our room right? I thought I was in my study with..." His voice trailed off. He looked around the room and searched for the person he was thinking of. "Gods it was... It was really real?" He seemed like he was trying desperately to grasp something while looking at Professor Black. Esme looked from one to the other and back again. "Was what real hunny?" She was getting worried but it seemed Henry wasn't paying any attention to her at the moment. He was completely focused on the Professor who just stood there waiting, not saying a word."Esmeralda... are you really hear?"

Henry asked as tears started flowing freely from his eyes. He then Looked around the room. "Or are you a dream of what I wish could happen. Perhaps a ghost? Tell me please... are you real?" This little speech had everyone confused except for the Professor. "Rest now Henry. We Will talk later." and with one last glance over her shoulder, she left and went back to her room. As everyone sat or stood there in confused silence Henry slipped back into dream world.


This is the second sneak peek into the book I am writing... I really hope you like it...
If you missed the first one you can find it linked below.

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